I joined my first band in 1961 with some mates from school. We thought we would just play for fun, but were soon hitting pubs and clubs in the local area around Durham and Newcastle. In the early seventies I moved to Nottingham and joined Sahara, a typical seventies popgroup. Buccaneer followed Sahara, and then a four year stint with Hotel, and ended up in the 80s with Pepperbox.

I 'retired' in 1984 and was dragged back, kicking and screaming, to join Blind Panic in the last days of the nineties. Carnaby Rocks was formed from Blind Panic, and I spent the next ten years playing sixties songs with them before the band finally folded. Fortunately for me, just at that time, Alan Westby had decided to hang up his bass, and an opening arose in my favourite local band The Crew, which I grabbed with both hands, having been a fan of the band since I first heard them in 2001. They are all fine musicians with great harmonies, and I am loving every gig I play. Looking forward to the future with these guys, and hope to see friends, old and new, at our gigs.

My favourite era in music is the sixties, and I love playing those old tunes plus a couple of later songs.

My favourite band? The Eagles but I am a huge fan of the Hollies, Beatles, Beach Boys etc, the big harmony bands of yesteryear.

For the musos, my equipment mostly consists of a Fender Precision four string bass, a TC Electronic 500 bass amp and a MarkBass 2x10 Traveller cabinet. I use no pedals at all, preferring the pure sound of the best bass in the world (Fender Precision) to come out.

I do keep a G&L ASAT bass and a Fender Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass for spares. Well, you cant just have one guitar now, can you?